African Fashion Night

African Fashion Night

The Nataka Design Fashion Show was a sold out event earlier this spring. Here are some pics from the show. One of my faux pas of this runway was wearing the wrong shoes. Yes people, you should always wear stiletto heels on the runway not any other heel. I learned my lesson, I missed a step and nearly fell over because of that. But all in all, it went ok.

Nataka Design

Nataka Design

I had the honor of representing Nataka design this year. As I probably mentioned before, I have always embraced artists that push the boundaries and go outside of the status quo of mainstream fashion while encrusting a place for real woman on the runway. Valérie does just that through her line Nataka Design.

I felt compelled to associate myself to this line not only because it was conceived in my own country, Mauritius, inspired by the fashion of the African country of Togo and produced in Québec but also because it carries an undeniable sense of value that can be noticed through its colors, its texture of  the wax fabric. Every outfit I tried on was comfortable. Each outfit can easily be paired with an array of bold or subtle accessories like earrings, necklaces, scarfs.

African fashion clothing is gaining more and more popularity in the fashion world, and Nataka Design by Valérie is one to look out for because of its trend-setting staple. She creates for all women, she instils versatility in her line, it can be business or casual wear, party or relaxed mode, night gowns or outings….

Allowing me, the Mauritian girl , to be the face of her African line really showcases her sense of diversity. And that democracy in fashion is what I stand for.

I really enjoyed being part of this opportunity.

Take a look here Use my code for 15% off.  #MRUWAX

Photoshoot Struggle

Photoshoot struggle is real

Over the years of doing photoshoots, I have to say that I never get used to it. If it’s done for the promotion of a brand or my own make up artistry, I tend to rely a lot on creative direction from the photographer. I play with a bit more of a superficial energy.

If it is a shoot that i take time to conceive myself, I then need to take a minute to get in that zone, take the time to connect with my emotions and it becomes a natural shoot.

This is some of the things I am wary of during my shoots.
I tend to not smile too much because i feel like my face gets too wide if i do.
I put my head up to avoid the double chin.
I always try to showcase the length of my hair, it is such a big part of my expression (the hair flip is part of my sassy personality).
Also, I try to get some shots with my eyes closed just to showcase my eye lashes.

I know…its a lot of details.

Skin Treatment

Skin Treatment

Skin TreatmentI feel like I spend a lot of money on accesorries, clothes and make up but I never really invested on taking care of my skin. I never established a routine care for my skin. When I was younger, I had a momentary acne crisis and went on a proactive routine for a bit but it made my skin worse. Traumatised, I stayed away from any kind of skin treatment…until now.

After researching for bit, I decided to try the Hydra Life from Dior. What’s good with Dior is, that you can take an appointment with them and get a facial with the products you want or what they suggest to you depending on your skin type. Another reason I would suggest the initial facial is because these Dior products are expensive and you should try them first to see the effects and how your skin reacts to them. After I had my facial there, I ended up with a a mixture of Hydra Life and Diorsnow. I have a mix oil and dry skin so I ended with up with these steps below. Its a day and night routine, not to be missed.

Once a week, do the Time to Glow Ultra fine exfoliating powder

  1. Gentle cleansing milk
  2. Bright light activating micro infused lotion
  3. Deep hydration sorbet water essence
  4. Fresh Hydration- Sorbet creme
  5. Pro youth Sorbet eye creme
  6. Capture Total- Dream skin perfect skin creator (Only to be applied during morning routine)

All of it cost me a little over $1000.

This is what my skin looks like now, I will keep you updated on how it evolves and if it progresses at all.

Skin Treatment

Skin Treatment

Collab with Talents

Collab with Talents

I was pleasantly surprised when I was contacted by Alexandra Hayes a few weeks ago to collaborate on a shoot to promote her make up artistry at the Vee Studio in Montreal.

I have to say it is so humbling for me when I get chosen to be the face that represents the work of successful make up artists like Alexandra. She is so talented and so versatile in her artistry.

This experience would not have been the same without the brilliant photographer Kathryn Curnew. She was so professional and gave me some great creative direction which always comes in handy for a shy model like me.

For this look I specifically left my hair untamed because it was an editorial shoot.

I highly recommend these girls for your projects.


Five Minute Makeover

Five Minute Makeover

For some of us… putting make up on seems like such a hassle at times but I just wanted to show you how you can transform your look in a five minute makeover.

The only hiccup with this look is the Milani lipstick, I like the coverage and texture but you often have to reapply because it is not a longwear lipstick.

The Flower loose powder is by Drew Barrymore , it gives a really good coverage which I sometimes put right over my moisturizer or primer without foundation for a lighter yet velvety texture.

All in all, you can find most of these products in drugstores at a very affordable price. I have used:



  • Dream Matte Mousse and Mascara by Loreal
  • Flower powder by Drew Barrymore
  • Lipstick by Milani
  • Eyebrow shaper by Anastasia
  • Eye shadow by Kiss
  • Brown pencil for the under eye by Yves Rocher
  • Orchid Pink Blush by alverde (German drugstore)

Meeting Reuben Reuel

Meeting Reuben Reuel

It was such an absolute honor to be dressed by Reuben Ruel recently at one of Pop up beauty’s behind the scenes fitting. I’m a total star struck typically so when I heard that one of Beyonce’s designer was around I was eager to meet him.

When I saw his collection and I was in awe, something about these vibrant and colorful African prints made me feel “home”. Being an island girl I’m always drawn to colorful fabrics.

I went to introduce myself and, wow, I was so impressed at how nice, humble and engaging he was. Doted of such a magnetic personality, I couldn’t believe that he was actually taking the time and introducing to me his collection and even tweaked me in his famous Khalilah kimono. I was so giddy as you can tell.

I have the utmost respect for this beyond talented designer, I admired his perfectionism during the fashion show, he was attentive to little details and knew exactly how to match the right accessories on the models. A real artist!

Meeting Miss Kim Kardashian

Meeting Miss Kim Kardashian

Over the course of this year, I got to meet some influential people from what I call the fashion democracy movement.  I think what the Kardashians have done over the past decade has spoken volumes in the transformation of universal beauty standards .

Curvy has become not only acceptable on the runway but it is also being embraced as sexy and beautiful.

I know its so easy to say that she does nothing, she became famous off a sex tape. Well Paris did a sex tape too, where is she now? Revolutioning the fashion world? Hmmm I dont think so.

Kim has consistantly pushed envelopes when it came to the exhibition of her confidence, her fashion sense, her beauty.  She has managed to stay relevant over the years by breaking boundaries over and over again.

Thanks to that revolution, young girls are now more confident about their diverse body types.

It was such a pleasure to meet her. She looks flawless like a doll. She is the sweetest, honestly. She has a magnetic personality and she is actually pretty funny.

My First Runway

Walking my first runway has helped me shape a new outlook on Beauty in general.

I grew up watching models like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell walk the runway. I never dared to even imagine walking a runway in my lifetime because I grew up being conditioned by the society of then that you have to be over 5’8 inches in height, and size 1 or max 2.

Neila Varaden My First RunwayFast forward about 20 years, to my first ever walk on the runway, Montreal August 2016. This experience was such a learning experience for me. First of all, me and my OCD struggled to comprehend that I had no control over what I was wearing, over my hair style and above all over my makeup and I let this anxiety get over me a little.

Neila Varaden My First RunwayBut on the other side of the same token, I felt I was breaking such a huge barrier as I strutted my stuff along this runway. Here I am, with a 32 inch waist, 43 inch hips walking for 2 different designers. It made me feel so confident; it made me feel a different kind beautiful, I felt humble. Knowing that mostly everyone in the room had their eyes on me, the flashes flashing…

Because it was my first time, I let myself be conscious of what was going on around me as oppose to focus on my focus like my rhythm, and my diva face. I was nervous.

Neila Varaden My First RunwaySo although the experience was such an enriching one, I was disappointed by my pictures. I know I could have done better. Instead of working a diva face, I ended up with a resting bitch face. I think.

Neila Varaden My First RunwayAnyways I definitely know I can do better than that. So stay tuned as I take my second walk on August 12th 2017. I’ll be telling you all about it.


Purple Lipstick

Purple Lips on Jennifer Hudson

Purple Lipstick Jennifer HudsonWhen Jennifer Hudson appeared on the American idol Finale, all I was focused on was her purple lipstick. It was such a warm look and meshed really well with her skin tone.

Retro matte liquid-Recollection by Mac

Purple Lipstick MacI really wanted to experience with that look so I did some research and it turns out that it is the Retro matte liquid-Recollection from Mac.

Purple Lipstick Neila VaradenFor myself, it is not an everyday look but it works more for a once in a while statement look.

Purple Lipstick Neila Varaden