Colored Lenses

Colored Lenses for Dark Eyes

Some people have asked me about my colored lenses on Instagram. I have very dark brown eyes, so I find it difficult to find lenses on the market that gives a natural look. Most of the ones I tried typically looks really fake and makes my pupil look bigger than it is.

But finally I found my match, I tried one from the solitca quartzo collection that I’ve seen Kim, Kanye and Kylie wear. I did some research and found that it is a luxury brand from Brazil.

They are a bit on the pricy side but totally worth it. They cost about $200 (inclusive of shipping and handling), they last a year and maybe more if you take good care of them. It has natural detailed definitions and you can pretend it’s your real eye color.

It is honestly the best brand for dark eyed people. This is the Natural Color Solotica Quartzo. I got it from Wrlens ( but Im sure you can find it through other lense distributors as well.

It’s the way to go if you want to try the looks below. On me personally, I find it looks much better with dark shadow contouring. If you would like to add a little edge to that look, you can try a blushed out white pencil on the water line.

Neila Varaden Colored Lenses