This website and it’s content would not exist without the extraordinary support and services from so many great poeple. I would like to give credits and mention some of them here.

Mllechèvre Genevièvelr (Photographer)

I work with Mllechèvre for a while now and can only emphasize on her professionalism as a photographer, her patience and expertise during our sessions and of course on the awesome quality of the photos she made of me. I encourage you to see more of her here.

Makeup, Hair, Dresses (The Crew)

What many forget but is as equally important as the photographing itself, is the preparation, makeup artists, hair stylists, dress designers and so many more. I would like to thank (in alphabetical order):

Audrey Lavigne
Alexa Troie Marsh
Jade Charbonneau
Lady M Coiffure
Manon Verret
Melodie Roots
Rockyval Coiffure
Solanchilla Bonilla
Stephanie Guida Makeup Artistry
Tarte Nouveau Designs
Vincent Morin


George Lewe (The Computer Guy)

I have no idea how he does it but he does it. All the technical stuff about this website is his work. He is just a great guy and a wizard in these things. Check out his website to see what else he has to offer:


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