Five Minute Makeover

Five Minute Makeover

For some of us… putting make up on seems like such a hassle at times but I just wanted to show you how you can transform your look in a five minute makeover.

The only hiccup with this look is the Milani lipstick, I like the coverage and texture but you often have to reapply because it is not a longwear lipstick.

The Flower loose powder is by Drew Barrymore , it gives a really good coverage which I sometimes put right over my moisturizer or primer without foundation for a lighter yet velvety texture.

All in all, you can find most of these products in drugstores at a very affordable price. I have used:



  • Dream Matte Mousse and Mascara by Loreal
  • Flower powder by Drew Barrymore
  • Lipstick by Milani
  • Eyebrow shaper by Anastasia
  • Eye shadow by Kiss
  • Brown pencil for the under eye by Yves Rocher
  • Orchid Pink Blush by alverde (German drugstore)