Meeting Miss Kim Kardashian

Meeting Miss Kim Kardashian

Over the course of this year, I got to meet some influential people from what I call the fashion democracy movement.  I think what the Kardashians have done over the past decade has spoken volumes in the transformation of universal beauty standards .

Curvy has become not only acceptable on the runway but it is also being embraced as sexy and beautiful.

I know its so easy to say that she does nothing, she became famous off a sex tape. Well Paris did a sex tape too, where is she now? Revolutioning the fashion world? Hmmm I dont think so.

Kim has consistantly pushed envelopes when it came to the exhibition of her confidence, her fashion sense, her beauty.  She has managed to stay relevant over the years by breaking boundaries over and over again.

Thanks to that revolution, young girls are now more confident about their diverse body types.

It was such a pleasure to meet her. She looks flawless like a doll. She is the sweetest, honestly. She has a magnetic personality and she is actually pretty funny.