My First Runway

Walking my first runway has helped me shape a new outlook on Beauty in general.

I grew up watching models like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell walk the runway. I never dared to even imagine walking a runway in my lifetime because I grew up being conditioned by the society of then that you have to be over 5’8 inches in height, and size 1 or max 2.

Neila Varaden My First RunwayFast forward about 20 years, to my first ever walk on the runway, Montreal August 2016. This experience was such a learning experience for me. First of all, me and my OCD struggled to comprehend that I had no control over what I was wearing, over my hair style and above all over my makeup and I let this anxiety get over me a little.

Neila Varaden My First RunwayBut on the other side of the same token, I felt I was breaking such a huge barrier as I strutted my stuff along this runway. Here I am, with a 32 inch waist, 43 inch hips walking for 2 different designers. It made me feel so confident; it made me feel a different kind beautiful, I felt humble. Knowing that mostly everyone in the room had their eyes on me, the flashes flashing…

Because it was my first time, I let myself be conscious of what was going on around me as oppose to focus on my focus like my rhythm, and my diva face. I was nervous.

Neila Varaden My First RunwaySo although the experience was such an enriching one, I was disappointed by my pictures. I know I could have done better. Instead of working a diva face, I ended up with a resting bitch face. I think.

Neila Varaden My First RunwayAnyways I definitely know I can do better than that. So stay tuned as I take my second walk on August 12th 2017. I’ll be telling you all about it.