Nataka Design

Nataka Design

I had the honor of representing Nataka design this year. As I probably mentioned before, I have always embraced artists that push the boundaries and go outside of the status quo of mainstream fashion while encrusting a place for real woman on the runway. Valérie does just that through her line Nataka Design.

I felt compelled to associate myself to this line not only because it was conceived in my own country, Mauritius, inspired by the fashion of the African country of Togo and produced in Québec but also because it carries an undeniable sense of value that can be noticed through its colors, its texture of  the wax fabric. Every outfit I tried on was comfortable. Each outfit can easily be paired with an array of bold or subtle accessories like earrings, necklaces, scarfs.

African fashion clothing is gaining more and more popularity in the fashion world, and Nataka Design by Valérie is one to look out for because of its trend-setting staple. She creates for all women, she instils versatility in her line, it can be business or casual wear, party or relaxed mode, night gowns or outings….

Allowing me, the Mauritian girl , to be the face of her African line really showcases her sense of diversity. And that democracy in fashion is what I stand for.

I really enjoyed being part of this opportunity.

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