Photoshoot Struggle

Photoshoot struggle is real

Over the years of doing photoshoots, I have to say that I never get used to it. If it’s done for the promotion of a brand or my own make up artistry, I tend to rely a lot on creative direction from the photographer. I play with a bit more of a superficial energy.

If it is a shoot that i take time to conceive myself, I then need to take a minute to get in that zone, take the time to connect with my emotions and it becomes a natural shoot.

This is some of the things I am wary of during my shoots.
I tend to not smile too much because i feel like my face gets too wide if i do.
I put my head up to avoid the double chin.
I always try to showcase the length of my hair, it is such a big part of my expression (the hair flip is part of my sassy personality).
Also, I try to get some shots with my eyes closed just to showcase my eye lashes.

I know…its a lot of details.